Tooling Information

CNC Lathe capable of turning 12" Diameter (300mm) with 1 metre between centres
Manual Lathe is 15" Diameter (380mm) x 1 metre
CNC Milling machine with 43" table
Cylindrical grinding up to 10" (250mm) diameter with 1 metre between centres
Surface grinding with a 500mm x 250mm Magnetic chuck
Chemi Blacking System


Cylindrical Grinding can be done on either a large gate grinder (either internal or external) or a small Myford Grinder.
Anything up to 1 metre in length and a diameter of 150mm

Surface Grinding is done on a Stefor Grinder with a magnetic table with dimensions of 500mm x 250mm

Turning Turning can be done on a CNC Bridgeport EZ Apath with a 250mm chuck up to 1 metre between centre or on a DSG centre lathe with a 300mm chuck again with 1 metre between centres

Milling Milling is done on a KRV 3000 with a 1 metre table

Heat Treatment Heat Treatment can also be done.
Flame hardening as well as some case hardening on small items.
Chemi Blacking The Chemi Blacking system is a cold water system for use on small components made out of carbon steels.
It adds nothing to the finished article so all items are machined to their finished sizes.
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